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Knitting Adiction

Fear me! For I have the power to PURL!!!

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Behold the glory that is my knitting blog!!! My name is Robin, and I'll be your host :-)

At one point, knitting took over my life. I would spend $200 on yarn at one time, and just knit 24/7. Ahhh. Those were the days! But, now that responsiblity has me in a choak hold, I don't spend nearly as much time as I did knitting. Which results in many plans and very few FO's. :-(

I'm quite the yarn snob. I hate fuzzy fur and most acrylic yarns. But, with that said, Red Heart holds a place in my stash. Can't beat cheap yarn when you're doing inersia. I loooove silk. I love natural yarns. Wools and cashmir and angora and alpaca. Mmmmm. I really love yarn p0rn, probably look at it more than normal p0rn.

My personal lj is poeticdream. Feel free to friend me.
I'm attempting a knitting community too, notquiteaset. It's a kntting needles trading community. Check it out, we need members :)
Someday, I'll have a portfolio up online. Whenever I get a server up and running...